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Rumors Of A Free Lunch – Five Minutes You’ll Never Get Back

Rumors Of A Free Lunch – Five Minutes You’ll Never Get Back

rumors-of-a-free-lunchThe superbly titled Five Minutes You’ll Never Get back is the new release from Rumors Of Free Lunch. Consisting of four short tracks that just add up to slightly over five minutes in length, the band is a punk duo consisting of guitarist and bassist Greg Kennelty and Caricature’s multi-instrumentalist front man Joseph Spiller.

As the band state, “…if you’re looking for fast, brief, and pissed off music that’s just as fun as it is cathartic, you’re in the right place…” The EP is out now and track one, On Our Way To Perdition is a raucous, rollicking noise fest that reminded me of a cross between early Birthday Party and the John Spencer Blues Explosion – it rocks!

Trust Fund Financial Genius has a great punk riff and some throat strangling vocals with some echoey drums adding to the atmosphere whilst the guitar just shreds! Rumors Of A Free Lunch pack more into their short songs than it takes many to get into a four minute package and that is evident on Combover Of Doom (song title of the year?) where the vocal approaches are excellent and the one minute and thirteen seconds just muscular.

The longest track is the closer, We Need A Hero and as it approaches almost one minute and forty-five seconds it seems positively lengthy in comparison. The distorted guitar is Rudimentary Peni in sound whilst the vocals are more Frank Carter/Gallows in approach. Super effort!

Check out Five Minutes You’ll Never Get Back by Rumors Of A Free Lunch here: https://rumorsoffreelunch.bandcamp.com/