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RUNDOWN KREEPS – ‘illside village’ Album Review

RUNDOWN KREEPS – illside village

Rundown KreepsFormed in 2009, Rundown Kreeps say that they “…perform amped up melodic Punk Rock with heavy dashes of frantic Ska and twangy Rockabilly to keep audiences moving across a variety of dance floors….” They have also shared the stage with artists such as Reel Big Fish, TSOL, The Toasters, The Weirdos, and more.

Their new album, illside Village, opens with an extended guitar lick and rocks into a fast-paced drum fuelled rocker. Me & Jay In Space bounces along and the ska verses leads to power-chord driven choruses. The band are fun and infectious with Seem To Care demanding that you smile as you stomp your boots! Changing tempos from a swaying beat to a rapid-fire rhythm and back again, you’re left off-kilter and exhausted!

The third track of the twelve on the album, I Won’t Go amps things up with a melodic punk rock and roller that brings in some seriously fast licks to accompany the power chords. On The Worst Day Since Yesterday the ska-infused pace continues for 41 seconds with a few Offspring-like chords to boot. The 1950’s intro to Not A Clue is jam-packed fun developing into a reggae tinged ballad with that 1950’s crooner vibe.

At the half way mark, Pulling Pins takes on a punkier approach with fast paced guitar and drums and a Green Day pop-punk approach. It is followed by Here Not There where Rundown Kreeps display some pop sensibilities whereas The Routine returns to a riff that Bad Religion would be proud of!

Silent Shots takes things up a notch more with a more hardcore punk approach full of speed and gravelly vocals. The four-minute plus Glass & Regrets sounds like Culture Shock with the fast paced ska beat verses and punk rock chorus. Continuing with the longer songs, You Belong’d To Me is almost five minutes in length with a plaintive ballad with just vocals and acoustic guitar telling a story of lost love. The album closes with Alison (not Costello’s) that made me laugh as a title and rock when I heard it. Serrated guitars, melodic vocals, fast paced rhythm section all combine to create a pop-punk conclusion to a very satisfying album!

The Rundown Kreeps have produced a varied and exciting album full of energy, twists and turns and no shortage of skill. It is a fun ride and one that you should hitch onto!

illside village by Rundown Kreeps is now available on ITunes, Spotify, Rhapsody, Google Play, Pandora, YouTube and more!

Grab a listen here: https://rundownkreeps.bandcamp.com/album/illside-village-2