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S.H.I.T. (South Holland Indecency Team) – ‘The Myra Hindley Creche Facility’

S.H.I.T. (South Holland Indecency Team) – The Myra Hindley Creche Facility

S.H.I.TA quick confession, the folks behind www.punkonline.co.uk hail from deepest, darkest Holland County in Lincolnshire! We were delighted to receive the eleven-track album from S.H.I.T. (South Holland Indecency Team) who are based just up the road from our birthplace in Boston, Lincolnshire, UK.

The The Myra Hindley Creche Facility album opens with the sixty-five seconds (many of the tracks hover around the one-minute mark) Boys From The Dwarf and, once the band kick into top gear, this one seriously rocks with elements of Rabid and Minor Threat with a hardcore edge. The momentum continues on Dole Queue Heroes as the drums pound through and guitars lay down some scorching riffs with tempo changes and strong group vocals.

On Raoul’s Reprise the band turn up the intensity and raw power with a hardcore punk effort that Black Flag would be proud of and Sausage Fest is an irreverent romp into hardcore punk territory with aggressive throat burning vocals and sheer power in the delivery. York Yard Ripon is the longest track of the eleven clocking in just over two-minutes and the band follow an extended mid-paced introduction with a manically fast section with lyrics that are, er, strange!

The booming, loose stringed bass start to Live Fast, Die Slow sets up an Oi/Street-punk style track with some seriously heavy sections whereas Stab City Central reflect the rise of crime in the band’s home town with some serious anger on display! The band continue to pound out the punk but slow things down a little on the intro to No Strings and this leads to a churning, mid-paced pile-driver and 300mph hardcore effort in one ninety-nine second package!!

Jimmy Savile’s North Sea Army is another fast-paced punk song with big group Oi style vocals and Connect 4 Cheat has a more menacing approach than the fun title suggests as the band go full on hardcore punk with screamed vocals and 300mph pace! The album ends with Black Sails and S.H.I.T. offer no respite from the attack, attack, attack approach of their hardcore punk rock attitude. If you like your punk with a hardcore/grindcore edge, these folks are going to excite you.

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