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SAD HILL – ‘Good If It Goes’ Album Review

SAD HILL – Good If It Goes

Sad HillFrom Perth in Western Australia, Sad Hill launched their Good If It Goes album a few weeks back and it’s a powerful package of ten pop-punk/power-punk tracks. Opening with the excellent Freaking Me Out with soaring melodic vocals, chunky riffs and a thumping beat, the track has some 1990s vibes in the vein of Husker Du or The Descendants.

Mantras For A Failed Academic matches some scorchingly hot guitar licks with pounding drums and a slightly more back in the mix vocal reminding me of fellow Aussies, The Living End, whereas New Warden motors along with intricate vocal interplay and, oh boy, those beating drums and we are back to that Minneapolis punk sound of the 1990s with a refreshing new take.

On Heat Wave, Sad Hill take that 1990s rock/punk sound of the Smashing Pumpkins and The Pixies to match restrained sections with prominent bass guitars with big choruses and some Big Country guitar moments!!! The band have a knack for crafting hooks and melodies that draw you into the song as they do on El Camino and Heart Attack where guitars are laid down in layers and the ‘back in the mix’ vocals add to the intrigue with the latter producing a punch to the gut chorus for good measure.

The Americana rock vibes continue with Chicago and the intricate, almost math-punk meets Nirvana vibe of Hands Off My Head is a very strong effort indeed. The penultimate song, Lucky Spirits powers along with Dr. Feelgood rock/blues hooks and a great chorus full of energy and power that we simply adored!

The album closes with the six-minute plus Pat Wilson’s Ghost and the band showcase their songwriting chops on the mid-paced rocker with prominent guitar licks, admirable restraint that builds and explodes into a superb melodic solo and sees us out to one excellent climax!


You can get your hands and ears on Good If It Goes by Sad Hill here:





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