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SCAB HAND – ‘Scab Hand’ EP Review

SCAB HAND – Scab Hand

Scab HandScab Hand release their first EP out on 1234 Records on November 3rd. Scab Hand are a London and Brighton based psych punk band combined of former members of Love Buzzard and The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster.

Produced by rock n roll legend Marc R Norris, this collection of sweaty psych punk represents all the blood, sweat and toil they put into being a band.

The opening track Head Dirt is a manic sweaty punk rocker with screamed vocals/backing vocals and a pounding bass and drum rhythm which drives the serrated guitars throughout. It’s a breathtaking introduction that is followed by the guitar wails that introduce Hick Hotel where Scab Hand barely control the chaos in a ‘Beefheart/Meteors/Disorder type of way!

The next track of this four track EP, Hypnotise, continues in the fast paced, chaotic and endearing style. There is a definite nod towards Mark E. Smith and The Fall on this one albeit a bit faster and edgier. Hot Mess begins with the eerie sounds of a guitar and hot mud bubbles from a synth before that Fall vocal approach appears again and the song explores a rock and roll rhythm with a twist.

It’s a unique and manic package that I enjoyed very much and you can check out Scab Hand here:




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