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SCARECROW – ‘Exterminators of the Year 4000’ Album Review

SCARECROW – Exterminators of the Year 4000

scarecrowAn ominous and dark pulsating keyboard opens the new album from Finland’s Scarecrow before a bloodcurdling scream catapults the album into a ‘Rammstein on speed’ track. Scream Queen Death Hop is a superb, self-described, “horrorpunk” hardcore extravaganza full of muscle, melody and menace. The band has been around for over 15 years and they have honed their craft to produce a unique blend of hardcore, punk, metal and sludge – Exterminators of the year 4000 is their 4th album and it is a great one.

Horror of the Beach Party rocks along in more classic punk rock fashion reminding me of Green Day with growled vocals and some superb D-beat drums. The songs all have a horror themed tinge – Macabre Night opens with some melodic keyboards and then launches an almighty drum fueled metal/punk fusion track complete with melodic backing vocals and some power chord guitar combining to produce over five minutes of songwriting style!

Scarecrow are not afraid to step on the accelerator and produce some punk rock in the style of Discharge as they do on More skulls and Waiting for the End and then change things with a melodic Angels Death that still packs one powerful punch.

As the album hits the half way stage of thirteen songs with 1.39 seconds of They Live – a wild ride of Amebix on 78rpm I am hooked. Theatre of Death utilizes the film clip spoken word cut often used throughout the album and then gets very heavy verging on Napalm Death territory vocally. The epic opening to Ghost in the Graveyard is Rudimentary Peni in approach albeit faster and heavier with a vocal to end all vocals invoking the devil himself!

The impeccably titled Deathfuckingtank sounds exactly like you’d expect with an Extreme Noise Terror atmosphere and it is followed by Exterminators Outro where the foreboding keyboards and ‘not quite audible’ spoken word give a two minute respite from the sheer guts and glory of the rest of the album.

6ore 6ore 6irls is a sub-minute chaotic hardcore effort that sets up the album closer, Nightride where the feedback intro is joined by a strong drum beat, metal bass and guitar riffs and a pulsating, head-banging mid-paced masterpiece.

Scarecrow have released a very strong album full of darkness, power and prowess. It was released digitally on December 19th 2016 by Inverse Records and you should add it to your collection!

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