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SCIATIC NERVE – ‘Sciatic Nerve’ Album Review

SCIATIC NERVE – Sciatic Nerve

Sciatic NerveSciatic Nerve hail from just up the road from where I live in Santa Rosa, California and feature members of bands such as the Swingin’ Utters, Western Addiction and Nothington. The band members grew up as close friends and they have combined 20 years of playing to craft a truly refreshing punk rock album full of short, fast, powerful blocks of music.

The opener, Sciatic Nerve sees the lead singer bellow out “Sciatic, Sciatic, Sciatic Nerve” repeatedly over some seriously chunky riffs both slow and fast and, before you get a chance to take a breath, Buy A Horse lights up the turntable with hooks and punch…I am breathless after just two of the twelve tracks.

Sleep is 70 seconds of 200 m.p.h. punk rock sandwiched between bass driven melody sections – it is excellent. On Bright Lights the riff and licks run into a bluesy approach and this track is different than its predecessors but, oh boy, can these folks play or what?! What is very clear is that Sciatic Nerve are not going through the motions as this is as refreshing an album I have heard in years. The scream intro to Get Away sets up a garage rock n’ roller with punchy hooks that the 32 seconds of Dogs destroys!

The Ceremony like My Head just knocks it out of the park with melody and power whilst Things I Can Look At starts slowly with churning chords that are joined by booming bass licks, pounding drums and a desperate vocal. The Rise speeds things up again and, as with the rest of the album bleeds immediately into the next song, I Give Up where the band channel Fugazi and the Cramps (and it works!).

The penultimate song, With Who You Go returns to a bass driven, Pixies/Nirvana like approach that is evident on a couple of songs. Closing with the relentless Leave Me Alone that mixes pace with restraint in different sections, Sciatic Nerve just blow the doors off – this is one terrific release of punk rock ferocity!!

The album releases on September 29th and you can get it here:




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