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SEA LILIES – ‘Soonest’ EP Review

SEA LILIES – Soonest

Sea LiliesBaltimore’s Sea Lilies release their six-track EP Soonest on February 28th. The opening song, Answer Her is sub three-minute power-punk package with hooks to the left and right temples and a Joy Division meets Bad Religion vibe. It is followed by the super-fast With A Practised Motion with cascading guitars supported by a tight rhythm section and pained vocals – loved this track!

On New Uses, the band open up the space a little with the vocals, booming bass and pounding drums supported by some neat guitar work. The track builds momentum as the bass guitar keeps on driving and the group vocals help to seal the deal.

The 92 seconds of Sink In are punk rock bliss and the Sea Lilies follow up with Pretty Sure with its Wire like angular guitars supported by the excellent drums and bass all combining to deliver a post punk product that is superb.

The EP closes with the longest song of the six, Materials. The pummeling mid-paced punker is epic in scope and delivery. With slightly atonal guitars and pained vocals I’m reminded of the Sex Gang Children meeting the aforementioned Joy Division with some Idles thrown in the mix. It is a very satisfying end to a super six-pack!

This one is well worth a listen. Try Soonest by Sea Lilies here: https://sealilies.bandcamp.com/album/soonest-2