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SEEING SNAKES – ‘For Who? For What?’ Album Review

SEEING SNAKES – For Who? For What?

seeing-snakesAuspiciously released on April 1st 2017, Seeing Snakes are not trying to fool anyone. From the excellent opening track, Modelo, where fast power chords and a meaty production drive the speakers to explode, the band show their chops and For Who, For What? had me hooked.

As Good As It Gets follows up with more in your face an up front aggressive punk rock overlaid with a melodic vocal. The band were formed in 2013 in Philadelphia before band member Jake departed to Portland.

However, the band continued on and, instead of making an album of stories of relationships and blah, blah blech, Seeing Snakes’ first full-length album, For Who? For What? is a collection of stories about drinking, self-destruction and perseverance.  The sheer energy and power the band produce is astonishing and fully evident on Stumbling Block and Mike Kelly where the rock and roll is dirty, strong, aggressive and just full of energy.

There’s a hint of Pennywise and Bad Religion in the intricacy and tightness of the bands songs but Seeing Snakes have a unique raw sound that is catchy and full on punk rock at the same time. Tits Camaro displays a skate punk approach enhanced with backing vocals and Counterpunch in sound. Half way through the debut album is the excellent Fallen On Deaf Ears with its hint of Dead Kennedys guitar work and chunky rhythm with some excellent vocals. The bass introduction to Lemon Party is full of menace and launches into a classic punk track where the bass remains prevalent and up front throughout.

I loved Gordon Street with it’s fast and furious guitar action and, as with the entire album, tight as hell drum work whilst Let It Down hits you with a super dirty bass guitar introduction and a song structure that reminded me of Australian punks, The Living End…it’s great stuff!

ESSM just rocks it out with a straight in your face punk rock classic bemoaning the lack of anything to do. The 11th track of the twelve song album is Let It Go, is a Green Day style rocker with some of that signature chord interchange at pace and melodic vocals and it sets up the album closer, Last Call. A drum roll and then that signature bass introduces a barnstorming punk rock effort that powers along and just demands that you create your very own mosh pit in your living room join the wailing guitar chords. What a closer, what an album, what a great debut…get this one folks!

For Who? For What? by Seeing Snakes is available now here:





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