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SENIOR DISCOUNT – ‘And That’s Goodbye (Deluxe)’ Review

SENIOR DISCOUNT – And That’s Goodbye (Deluxe)

Senior DiscountProvidence, Rhode Island DIY punksters, Senior Discount recently released their And That’s Goodbye (Deluxe) EP. The band has played over 300 gigs sharing the stage with the likes of Less Than Jake, The Ataris and The Swinging Utters. The title track opens the album – And That’s Goodbye opens with a melodic and powerful guitar and develops into a fast-paced yet accessible punk rock song with great raw strength throughout. Reminding me a little of the melodic punk from the Fat stable, Senior Discount show their hard work on the road has paid off with a tight knit sound full of innovation. On the second track Ataxia (Bluegrass) they showcase their sense of fun with a banjo and (I think) fake Hillbilly accents supported by some downright weird rhythm sounds!

Third up on this 10-track EP is Caley’s Song (Acoustic) and this time we move from bluegrass punk to acoustic guitar and violin to craft a folkier, slightly offbeat tune. Senior Discount are far from formulaic with the song lasting over six and a half minutes. On Don’t Hate Me the band goes full on DIY with what sounds like a toy drum set, synth and then the guitar and vocals actually propel a catchy punk rock tune! At the half-way point comes Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun and the band have me so off balance that I am not sure what to expect! The opening power chords deceive as the vocals emulate the original (sort of) but then it just rocks and I loved it – reminded me of the Toy Dolls!

Next up is Ben Broke Edge and this time we are treated to a Violent Femmes like effort with guitars and vocals seeing us through a super song followed by I’m Crazy (Live and Revived) where the extended applause leads into a raw country punk hoe-down replete with crowd cheers, feedback and sing-along chorus.

A Death Threat To The World At Large is next and comes in over five minutes in length with a melodic solo guitar introduction joined by a plaintive vocal and as it builds, the group vocals join in for the choruses – it works in a DIY type of way! The last two songs are versions of Explode RI (Re-Ignited) with this first version reprising the DIY sound from earlier and building to a bouncy Fat style skate punker! The final track, Explode RI (Big Mac Version) rocks it up a bit more and there you have it, a true DIY, fun and eclectic package!

Get And That’s Goodbye (Deluxe) by Senior Discount here: http://www.seniordiscountmusic.com/