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Serbian Band WORLDLY SAVAGES Protests UK Visa Refusal

Serbian Band WORLDLY SAVAGES Protests UK Visa Refusal

worldly-savagesAfraid of Serbian Savages playing rocking Balkan folk-punk at a festival in Great Britain?  The UK Government has you protected, by refusing visas for members of the gypsy punk band Worldly Savages.

To protest the so-called injustice, the band has taken to Youtube with the new single “21st Century Racism” in which they comically highlight the absurdity of the UK & Ireland requiring visas for Serbs, who enjoy visa free access to every single other country in Europe.

Erik & The Worldly Savages is a band based in Belgrade lead by Canadian singer-songwriter Erik Mut.  The band has been forced to revise the lineup to only include members who do not require visas to the UK, leaving the Serbian half of the band behind and performing with German, Dutch and Canadian players.

The stripped down band is scheduled to play Boomtown Festival this Friday August 11th and at Jamboree this Saturday August 12th and will play in a 2 guitar, bass & drum “rock band” formation.  They were also forced to cancel two performances the following weekend, one of them was the release party for the band’s Culture vs. Destiny album to be released on August 18th on Cargo Digital.

As the UK isolates itself from the European Union with Brexit it becomes unclear how much more difficult it will become for foreign bands to come and perform.

As for Erik & The Worldly Savages, half of their band is already banned.