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SHAKERS – ‘Not The Shakers’ Album Review

SHAKERS – Not The Shakers

ShakersFort Lauderdale, Florida best punk stalwarts the Shakers have been plying their trade since 1994 driven by the founding members, brothers Jon and Pat Stahl. The band recently released the Not The Shakers album containing eleven rocking punkers!

The excellent 16 Tons has elements of Pennywise as the band take on everything that is wrong with America today with a forceful melodic lead vocal, dirty bass, pummelling skins and melodic guitar…good stuff!

On Sad Song the band maintain the momentum with a rambunctious punk rocker with elements of So Cal punk, a little skate punk and some grit as the lyrics detail some of the trials and tribulations of making your way in working class USA and Desper-ado is driven along by some excellent drumming and a bombastic bass guitar.

The eleven-track album continues with Mr. Millennium where the Shakers pound out a mid-paced powerful pop-punk rocker lamenting the loss of great music whilst Just The Facts motors along at 200 mph producing skate-punk Nirvana! Throw It All Away is a melodic, hook-laden rocker with some elements of Gaslight Anthem and some of Bad Religion and Gotta Get Into It is a grinding, growler of punk rock power – loved it!!

The eighty-seven seconds of No Fucks just pummel you into submission in a Minor Threat/Black Flag way and All For Nothing Keeps up the pace but adds some hooks in a SLF manner. Another short, sub two-minute rocker covers the Ramones and sets it to Pompano Beach – we’re in Florida not New York!!

This super punk rock album closes with Assholes In My Way and the band deliver a lengthy, almost four-minute song that is Oi! like in terrace chant style and chunky riffs. I was transported to Sham 69 and their That’s Life epic…good stuff.


You can get your hands on Not The Shakers by Shakers here:





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