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SHATTERHAND – ‘The Dead Memory House’ Album Review

SHATTERHAND – The Dead Memory House


shatterhandFormed in late 1998, Shatterhand exploded onto the UK DIY scene with a passion for fast, melodic tunes, big choruses, political confrontation and a great deal of time spent on the road. The band have released six albums, built a global following and we’ve just received a copy of their recently released 7th album, The Dead Memory House and the release will be followed by another European tour kicking off in July.

The album opens with the very aptly named Let The Fire Burn where the band get straight to work with fast drum roll and then full on launch of a punk rock classic that bounds along conjuring up GBH, Anti-Pasti and the UK Subs as the guitar work is superb…great opening track that deserves repeat play on stations such as Faction in the USA!

Deadlights changes things up with an acoustic guitar intro and melodic vocals leading to rabble rousing, lyrically excellent punk/folk protest song that Frank Turner would be proud of. I loved this track and can see why Shatterhand have built a live reputation up there with the best of them…”it’s good, good, GOOD to be alive” indeed!

The album contains nine tracks and third up is Stone Cold Reality where the band take a different direction with a full on punk rocker driven by a swirling guitar lick and ‘gravel in throat vocals’ leading to a football terrace chant vocal. The band are full of hooks, melody, energy and power – it’s one of the punk rock albums of the year for me so far!

On The System Is Broken the band simply rock with a meaty riff and lyrics attacking the right wing, fascists and corruption and they do it with a somewhat ominous sound that has some serious clout – great track that will have the mosh pit all a frenzy. Cold In My Bones flatters to deceive with a mellow, melodic acoustic guitar intro that is supplanted with an aggressive fast riff and a signature vocal delivering lyrics reminiscent of The Mob’s No Doves Fly Here.

Just past the half-way point A Quiet Loner is a little more restrained allowing the lyrics to come to the foreground with a soaring chorus and it is followed with Blood Red September, an Oi! style street punk romp!

Shatterhand cover The Ruts classic Babylon’s Burning with the penultimate track and it’s an undiluted tribute rendering the song as relevant and fresh in 2017 as it was when released.

The album closes with the title track, the over five minute in length The Dead Memory House and it opens with a softly played guitar and softly spoken vocals. The song builds with some strong vocals and returns to the spoken word with Scottish accent! The track is authentic and shows that Shatterhand have honed their craft brilliantly over the years. Their attitude, approach and stance is exactly what we love here at punkonline.co.uk and we urge you to check them out – you will not be disappointed!

Check out Shatterhand and the album The Dead Memory House here: https://shatterhand1.bandcamp.com/