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SHOTTY HORROH Shares New Video for ‘Frank and Stein’

SHOTTY HORROH Shares New Video for ‘Frank and Stein’

Shotty HorrohFrom Shotty Horroh….

When a guitar broke out one night in practice, what emerged was the sound of my musical roots – Salt of the Earth, my debut LP, began to take shape. Back home, rock and roll’s always been working class music. As a Mancunian, that sound just resonates more than anything else.

Frank & Stein” is about stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something you may view as scary or daunting. It’s about conquering fear to get what you want. It was inspired by a man called David Goggins – his story had me in a go for broke, push it to the limitsmind state. Goggins said he created a more mean, powerful him in his mind which lead to his success, hence the Frankenstein reference.

This is the first time in my career that I’m showing people Adam – the real me. For years, I became Shotty Horroh for safety. Salt of the Earthis stories about Adam and that’s how it’ll be from now till the end of time.

Salt of the Earth is now out!


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