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SHWAT – ‘Wasty Tasty’ Album Review

SHWAT – Wasty Tasty

SwhatSwhat are an Australian three piece, straight up punk rock band and they have just released their second album, Wasty Tasty on Heart of the Rat Records. The band describe their approach as “offering up their guitars, aim for the jugular and get in the listener’s face to wake them up from their middle class complacency, all with good humour, a poppy hook and bad taste.”

Cookie Cutter Suburbia opens up this album and blends a melodic vocal with some fuzzed up guitars and a pounding beat to get those heads nodding and feet stomping. The sub-two minute T.V Coliseum drives along at 100 mph maintaining the melody but upping the pace seriously and is followed by Hang On To Your Thoughts where the momentum is continued and that Black Sabbath on speed sound is refined just a little more.

Swhat blend a number of vocals and have a serious knack for a hook from the Husker Du like Henry (said) through to the Fugazi like Greasy And Pointy they have released a corker of an album with thirteen super tracks. At the half-way point of the thirteen-track album, Tasty Wasty is 56 seconds of melodic punk rock and Sticky Fingers follows it up with some serious drum fueled pace.

On Me!, the band are starting to remind me a little of Rudimentary Peni with fuzzed guitars displaying a dark side whilst the vocals are lighter.  Flirting with one-minute approaches throughout, the band pack in a full song as they do on the excellent Disobey. The more considered pace on San Choy Bow sets up the freaky speed of Piss Taste and onto the penultimate track, Take It Out where a slight Ramones influence can be detected.

The album closes with 24 seconds of the title track Wasty Tasty where a drum beat is buried under massive radio interference.

Swhat are fun, powerful, melodic and different. Check out the band here: https://www.facebook.com/swhatband/