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SIBYL VANE – Release new ‘Bomber’ Video



Sibyl Vane

Estonian band Sibyl Vane formed in 2010. They will be releasing their second self-titled album on 21st of April under Latvian small indie label ‘I Love You Records’. Last week they published a new music video ‘Bomber’ which we have been asked to feature on Punk Online.

Five years ago Sibyl Vane released their debut album “Love, Holy Water & TV” under Latvian most successful indie label ‘I Love You Records’. This piece built their reputation from local scene to border crossing sensation. Partly because of the uncompromising energetic and powerful live shows. Latvian ‘I Love You’ will be behind the release of new album as well and it will be on stores 21 April in Estonia and Latvia. They will hit the road to tour the Baltics on 27 April. Album will be released on vinyl, CD and digitally.

In the words of band members, their recent single reflects the atmosphere inside the new material.

“We pretty much started to prefer black and white imagery some years ago. Our first album was more colorful and optimistic, but new material was more mature and differed. We wanted to keep the new album as simple as possible. We feel this album as the core or substance to the direction Sibyl Vane is now moving. Black and white nameless album gives listeners the opportunity to give this album meaning they sense,” says Sibyl Vane’s singing guitarist Helena Randlaht.

“We had vision of a dreamy, monotonic, black and white documentary. Henri Holland who made this video just put this to his visionary as he sensed it,” describes Randlaht the birth of the video on the ice field of Pärnu Bay.

“We had to wait for the fog for days. When it was as foggy as we wanted we had 5 to 6 centimeters of water on the ice. The extreme air humidity damaged technics and constant cold wind made the situation even worse. So we had little time to be on the ice and we were told later that while we were filming people were actually dropping through ice,” describes Randlaht.



Sibyl Vane – Sibyl Vane
Released by ‘I Love You Records’ on April 21 2017

You can get hold of a copy here>>>

List of songs:

1. Bomber
2. Up Up Down
3. Clusterfuck
4. Temper Tantrum
5. Rocket Song
6. Noyee
7. Almost Gospel
8. Time To Breathe In
9. No 44
10. Slow Dance

Tour schedule for spring 2017
27.04 – Riia (LV)
28.04 – Vilnius (LT)
29.04 – Kaunas (LT)
05.05 – Daugavpils (LV)
06.05 – Jelgava (LV)
12.05 – Tallinn (EST)
13.05 – Pärnu (EST)
19.05 – Rakvere (EST)
20.05 – Tartu (EST)
02.06 – Liepaja (LV)
03.06 – Kapa Rock (EST)