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SIEBEN – ‘Crumbs’ Album Review

SIEBEN – Crumbs

SiebenSieben’s new album, Crumbs will be released on August 3rd. Self-described as “gothpunktronic” the opening track, I Will Ignore The Apocalypse fits that description perfectly. With echoes of Nine Inch Nails as an eerie synthesizer supports a spoken/sung vocal and is propelled forward by a marching drum beat, the track sets the tone in an overall Bowie-esque way.

The slow and determined drumbeat continues on Coldbloods and the track explores some higher pitched ambient noise to layer onto the spine-chilling atmosphere whilst Is It Dark Enough ups the pace a tad and adds some rhythmic backing vocal and the song has a Front 242/Nitezer Ebb feel.

The album is lengthy with eighteen tracks (including a couple of band remixes) and many of the songs last over three or four minutes but some are sub-one minute – the vocal samples that drive Sleep Our Dream are underpinned by the dark rhythms and discordant keyboards whereas The Overlords Are Back is a faster bass driven track. 30p Opera is just twenty-eight seconds of ghostlike sounds and leads to Here Is The News, a danceable, punkier song in the style of Kraftwerk meeting the Sisters of Mercy!

The title track, Crumbs is a pounding song with a swirling bass and the excellently titled Post-Brexit Dreams Of Albion channels the aforementioned Front 242 with an ironic violin and upbeat musical backing to a seriously straight attack on the fiasco that is Brexit. Sieben show their more aggressive side on You Want Some with a screeching guitar like lick with the dirge like twenty-six seconds of Just Be A Lot Nicer following.

Liberal Snowflake is a cacophony of vocals, samples propelled by a fast beat and Forge A Better World features a soaring vocal that again reminds me of David Bowie on his final album. The penultimate song is We Will Be Alrightand the foreboding keyboards provide a quasi-instrumental approach to an excellent song and the closer, Can You Hear The Wind Coming is twenty-six seconds of ambient wind like sound.

The final two tracks are band versions of the earlier songs, Here Is The News (where the vocals are dripping in irony) and Coldbloods(where the song takes on a more urgent vibe with great results)

This is is a dark, relevant and different album full of attitude and that “gothpunktronic” description nails it!


You can get a copy of Crumbs by Sieben right here:




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