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SILVERSTAR – ‘The EP’ Review


silverstarSilverstar features Ex Members of Blood on The Saddle, Circus of Power, LA Guns, Tex & The Horseheads, Christian Death & TSOL. Hailing from Los Angeles, they have released their debut four song EP (called, erm, The EP) and it’s picking up a good deal of radio play across the globe.

From the mellow opening to Dandelion with restrained guitar and melodic vocals, it is very clear that we are in for a treat. The song develops into an anthem with Americana vibes and a strong vocal performance with hints of Pearl Jam. It’s a strong beginning and confirms that Silverstar’s band members pedigree is fully on display – you can see why radio stations are all over this release as it’s powerful and accessible.

Nest up is Ghost of a Girl where the guitar notes open with a slightly more ominous tone and the lyrics focused on drug addiction. The song starts as a ballad with soaring vocals and then develops into a boisterous rocker with churning power chords and an epic guitar solo…Silverstar confirm they can rock with an alternative/metal approach and they are good!

On California, they channel that states desert and mountains with a western movie sounding guitar and plaintive vocals evoking wide open spaces, loneliness and despair at losing a love – it is another strong effort that you will be hearing on rotation.

The final track, Lost n Found seals the deal with a Cult like track channeling Ian Astbury on vocals – its another track that is epic in scope and delivery with guitar solos, some raunchy guitar work and a rock vocal that hits the spot.

Silverstar are certainly more metal than punk and it’s a great release and well worth a listen.

Check out the band here: silverstar3.bandcamp.com


Silverstar are:

Tony West: Vocals

Billy Koepke: Bass & Vocals

George Foster: Guitar

Sean Antillon: Drums