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SINK ALASKA – ‘Battle Lines From Better Times’ Review

sink-alaskaWell, this is a new band for me, which considering I have a few mates from around Glasgow is a surprise that they have not recommended Sink Alaska to me before!

Four slices of rip roaring speedy “melodic” punk, their description, not mine.

Adopting a rather Prog attitude all the song titles on this new EP are abstract and do not feature as the refrain/chorus in traditional style.

‘I Am A Legend/ I Am A Robot’, ‘All That Got Hurt Was Feelings’, ‘Poacher Turned Gamekeeper’ and ‘Overkill Is Underrated’ are the tracks on this highly polished sounding slab of noise.

No overly political or ranty ideology on show here, just songs that reflect everyday life and relationships.

Musically Sink Alaska hark back to the days of the Skate scene of the 90’s, vocally there is a hint of the American twang which brings to mind Bouncing Souls but with a more powerful sounding guitar, think Rancid Fall back down/Radio era.

The songs although short averaging three minutes still pack plenty in with some fine up tempo battering of the kit and some very nifty stereo separation tricks, most notably on ‘Poacher Turned Gamekeeper’ that sounds great through the headphones.

As the years go by it is difficult for any band to avoid being labelled as sounding like this band or that from the past, but they do say that imitation is one of the greatest forms of flattery and without sounding generic or exactly like anyone in particular, Sink Alaska certainly would have held their own in the heyday of Skate Punk bands and, with the resurgence of that scene as evidenced by the Slam Dunk Festival that grows every year, there could be a bright future for this band with a bit of exposure and some lucky breaks, preferably not from falling off their decks!

Check out Make That A Take Records Bandcamp page to get your hands on this fine offering, but hurry if you want the real thing as it is limited to 50 copies.

Chris – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. I Am A Legend/ I Am A Robot
  2. All That Got Hurt Was Feelings
  3. Poacher Turned Gamekeeper
  4. Overkill Is Underrated