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Sketchy TrenchHailing from San Antonio, TX, Sketchy Trench have just released their new 4-track EP, Fish. The melodic vocals dominate the excellent opener, News but that does not mean that the pounding drums and power chords are not prominent. The band ply their trade in skate-punk area with hooks a plenty and melodies dripping out of every pore.

Plate ups the pace ever so slightly with some complex and intricate guitar work and that tight rhythm section propelling things along. The song develops into a powerful track with almost two halves interspersed with a serrated guitar chord section.

The third track, Skirt is somewhat heavier all around with some serious mosh-pit friendly punk rock. There is a slight nod to Bad Religion in the approach of Sketchy Trench.

The closing and title track, Fish, opens with some spiraling guitar work and launches into an angst ridden vocal performance backed by some faster than a speeding bullet musicianship. The overall feeling of satisfaction I got listening to this EP was derived from the sheer pace and skill of the band – it’s a great EP and worth grabbing.

You can get a hold of Fish EP by Sketchy Trench here:




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