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SKYE WALLACE Raucous New Single ‘Coal In Your Window’

SKYE WALLACE Raucous New Single ‘Coal In Your Window’

Skye WallaceSkye Wallace is what happens when a trained singer with east coast roots discovers punk rock in their youth and writes music that makes you feel excited.

Listen to her raucous and electrifying new single “Coal In Your Window” below.

Hailed as a “national treasure,” Skye embodies Canadiana – with family ties to the east coast, and her youth spent out west, she now calls Toronto home. But it’s not just geography that informs her sound – her lyrics are often based on Canadian history, inspired by struggles and stories of the past. This doesn’t result in nostalgic sounding music – her songs may have roots in folk, but they branch out into so much more, sometimes moving, sometimes exciting, sometimes straight up rowdy.