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SLICE OF LIFE – ‘Your Day Will Come’ Review

slice-of-lifeWay back when in 1979, I went on the bus to Leicester to buy some punk vinyl at the record store. I was transfixed by the gatefold cover artwork on Stations of the Crass and parted ways with three quid to see if it sounded as good as it looked. A few hours later my life had been changed. The lyrics and music actually frightened me on a first listen but eventually I found that a group of people were actually articulating the anger I was feeling. Steve Ignorant encapsulated that anger and virtually spat out his venom towards the powers that be.

Fast forward almost 30 years (gulp!) and Ignorant’s latest band, Slice of Life, have just released a new track following on from their Love and a Lamp post album.

The music has changed, Ignorant’s delivery has changed but this latest track Your Day Will Come has the same underlying power and energy that Crass delivered. In fact, it could be argued that the restrained vocals (often spoken) and sparse piano accompaniment make the song much more powerful than the traditional loud guitars and rhythm section.

I personally struggled a little with the album but this track exhibits a band gaining in confidence and the lyrics are simply excellent with a delivery from Ignorant that shows that he remains as angry and as vital as ever. It’s a rant against bullies of all sorts and the crescendo of Your Day will Come makes you want to go out and smash the local and global bullies heads…Slice of Life have produced a really strong single.