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SLIMBOY ‘Sail on Sailor’: Track by Track Notes

SLIMBOY ‘Sail on Sailor’

Track By Track notes:

Slimboy CoverSwiss Punk Rockers SLIMBOY release thier new album, Sail On Sailor, on Friday 10th August. Before then, we have an exclsuive insight to each track on the release:


Falling apart:

This was the first song i have written for the album. Since the album is very, very personal, almost all songs are about people or situations that happend in my life.

This song is about someone i knew for long and he cheated and tricked me and some other people in a very bad way. It a big f*ck you to that guy!


hearts all gone:

well, sometimes you just need time on your own and that’s ok. Take it!
situations where you don’t know if your whole world falls apart, you don’t know if your friends still hold on to you. It happend to all of us. You’ll get through!


let it go:

when we got back together as slimboy, on our first show, someone came up to me and told me that a song that i’ve written got her trough some of their hardest times in life and made her wanna live again. I wrote this song to her, eventhough she’ll never know. That story touched me really! There’s a stream of the track, here…





this song is about loosing someone. I wrote that song form y mother. People told me they listen to the song and think about their losses. Excactly how it should be.

I love this song and probably one of the best ones i ever wrote.



we re-recorded this songs from our 2004 album. The lyrics still get me.. it’s about being young, growing up, realising that things pass, etc. just a good ‘looking back’ song.


believe in you:

after coming home from a brian wilson concert where they performed sail on sailor, i wrote this song within 5 minutes and we decided to name the record sail on sailor.
to me, that beach boys song is a milestone! It’s an homage to them.

The lyrics is about me. Looking at my inner-kid as an adult. Realising everything is great as long as you take care of your self and the people you love.



no real meaning in those lyrics. A rock song and great live song. We love to play that one live!



the song is about being youg, lying, cheating, doing stupid things. Then realising you have to change some things at least or you loose too much.

Very much about me.


so-called unity:

i wrote that song about people who always change their lives to fit in. People who are not able to talk about their feelings or rather loose someone they like instead of fight fort he friendship.


life/death (ghost of you)

song about my mother who passed away. The reason i brought slimboy back on the map.
but also a song about how important it is to get back up after a tragedy like that!

Never give up eventhough it feels impossible.



For more on SLIMBOY, chek out – https://www.facebook.com/slimboyband/

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