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SLOVENIANS – ‘Al Dente’ Album Review


SloveniansSlovenians is a Belgian punk rock band from Brussels, active since 2012. Known for their blistering delivery and firecracker front man, Slovenians melds punk influences such as The Dead Kennedy’s and Minor Threat.

Tragically, in July 2017, just one month after the release of Al Dente, their lead guitarist Sinkesh Krištofik was fatally injured in an accident that put the future of the band heavily in doubt.

After a few months of mourning the remaining members gathered and eventually agreed that Sinkesh would definitely want them to carry on. So, with the support of their friends and his family’s blessing, Slovenians started rehearsing again.

The lead singer has a Jello Biafra style and that is demonstrated on the scorching punk opening of Dirty Mind with some excellent raucous riffs and Chessbomb is a bluesy, garage, horror-punk and Dawn lays down some raunchy riffs with a distinct bluesy undertone. On Tartine, the Slovenians up the pace significantly with a blistering and bombastic punk rock track whereas Sprinkler has elements of the aforementioned Dead Kennedys from the vocal through to the tight playing…good stuff!

The thirteen-track album continues with Slave and this one manages to blend The Cramps with The Exploited (and that is some blend) whilst I’m Not Batman (an underground favourite) manages to display a booming bass, clever guitar licks and an energetic, powerful punk rocker.

Nadiais a sub-two-minute hell raiser and Manson is similar in length but more powerful and faster punk rock with a manic lead vocal performance. The band showcase a different side with the slower, Black Sabbath like Jebus but soon return to pounding drums, dirty bass guitars and scorching riffs supporting those Jello like vocals on the excellent Not Afraid.

The penultimate song, Subliminal is a melodic rock ‘n’ roller with some raw edges and the closer, The Kids is 102 seconds of intense punk rock pace and power…PHEW!!!


Check out Al Dente by Slovenians here, go see them and download their superb punk rock:- https://slovenians.bandcamp.com