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SLOW BLOOM – ‘Hex, Hex, Hex’ EP Review

SLOW BLOOM – Hex, Hex, Hex

Slow BloomNorthern California based alternative/noise-rock band Slow Bloom’s upcoming EP, Hex Hex Hex, which will be released by No Sleep Records on January 26th.

The five track EP opens with some foreboding feedback that suggests some very heavy music to follow but, instead, we are treated to a compelling and melodic riff. Neon Sequitor is an accessible track somewhere in the vein of Placebo meeting the Idles. There is a powerful edge carved by the screamed vocals but the guitars maintain the hooks whilst the rhythm section drives the track along admirably…it is a corker of a modern punk rock song! Next up is Immaculate where the band again employ some feedback for a few seconds before launching into a much more aggressive track with a massively melodic chorus battling with angry and powerful verses…wow!

On Sarcaphaguts, Slow Bloom channel a 2017 version of Elastica with a distinct edge and another gigantic chorus…the riffs pile on and the beats demand head banging action. I enjoyed this one very much! The penultimate track, Cataracts, is a four-minute tour into nihilistic bleak territory with some slow-paced power chords meeting soaring vocals. There is a ‘horror-punk’ vibe to this one and I was reminded here of the Idles comparison. Slow Bloom don’t deal in the twee side of music…they are full on but, they can pen a melody for sure!

The final track is the title song. Hex, Hex, Hex clocks in at five minutes and 42 seconds with a vocal performance that rivals Frank Carter. The track is sheer power as it meanders into melody, soft sections and sheer speaker bursting noise. At the same time the band introduce some backing vocals with a Pink Floyd/Psychedelic atmosphere. It all wraps into an excellent track and an excellent release.

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