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SLOW FACTION – ‘Under Heavy Manners’ Album Review

SLOW FACTION – Under Heavy Manners

Slow FactionSlow Faction are a ’77 era influenced punk four piece who’s This Machine Kills Fascists EP spawned a song, Woody Guthrie that graced the upper reaches of the ‘Just Some Punk Songs’ best of 2016 chart! Their new mini-album was just released on October 1st and it is a cracker!

The mini-album opens with the excellent “Clash meets The Interrupters” title track, Under Heavy Manners with its bounce along rhythm, excellent lyrics and energy to burn. On 59 Minutes Past 11 Slow Faction display a knack for a melody infused punk-rocker with a raw edge that had me thinking Stiff Little Fingers meets 999!

The band take on many subjects that plague the world today from war waged for profit to poverty. With Poundland Society an abrupt power chord and pounding drum intro makes way for some terrific lyrics lamenting the descent of our towns into empty shells creating empty lives. The band take on the Thatcher years and destruction of the unions and what it has resulted in all backed by a UK82 Anti-Pasti vibe.

The fourth track of the six on the album (most songs are lengthy) is the almost six minute, There’s A War Going On where Slow Faction slow things down to introduce us to some booming bass, soaring licks and a reggae approach. Again the lyrics pack a punch as the chorus rocks up to juxtapose with the verse. It is a Johnny Was moment and it is truly brilliant!

The penultimate track is The Definition of Madness taking on the bankers, the rich and the politicians that support them. It’s a political tour de force and rocks along with power, strength and more hooks than a heavyweight fight!

Closing with In Your God’s Name Slow Faction take on religion and religious wars. The rhythm is punchy, guitars serrated and vocals angry creating an Oi! vibe reminiscent of The Business. With a sing-along chorus, the band usher us out with fists raised, bodies sweating and ready to take on the world…this is what punk is all about!

Get to this website and plonk down a fiver now for a superb punk rock album.

Under Heavy Manners by Slow Faction:




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