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SMASH BOOM POW Share New Single ‘Way Too Much’

SMASH BOOM POW Share New Single ‘Way Too Much’

Smash Boom PowSmash Boom Pow have got in touch with us to share their brand new single ‘Way Too Much’.

From the band…

“We’ve released our first single “Way Too Much” from our upcoming EP.

“We’re a blood brother duo from Vancouver, BC that have been lucky enough to make music a way of life. Ulysses [vocals/guitar] came up with this track to clear some heavy vibes from his atmosphere. It was cathartic and therapeutic all at once, as well as satisfying for him as an indie rock fanboy.

“The lyric “you’re asking way too much of me” is not about an unreasonable labour request, but rather unfair emotional demands and the psychic damage they can inflict. On one hand you have love for someone and are inclined to compromise for the sake of the relationship, on the other you’ve gotta be true to your experience and set the record straight. It’s not worth living a lie.”

Cheers Smash Boom Pow and best of luck from all at Punk Online.