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SOBER – ‘Mental Decline’ EP Review

SOBER – Mental Decline

SoberHardcore Punk/grunge trio from London, Sober are releasing their debut 4-track EP, Mental Decline on the 18th of March.

The quick drum roll introduction to Braggart leads into a dirty guitar riff and vocals seething with anger and nihilism. The band reference Black Flag as an influence and they offer a 2018 version of that band at their best on the excellent Fuck It. A rolling bass guitar and fuzzed out guitar explode into a punk rock track of the highest caliber. The lyrics are full of angst and anger, superbly delivered and this is an early contender for song of the year.

The third track of the four is Insomniac with a Weezer style introduction full of hooks and melody with a repressed frustration and anger that releases in a tremendous climax.  Closing this superb package with Desensitised, Sober blend Nirvana, the aforementioned Black Flag and Rudimentary Peni to produce a raucous rocker.

Sober are a very welcome addition to the burgeoning new punk scene and this is one helluva a debut.

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