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SONIC A.M – ‘What We Do When We Do Nothing’ E.P. Review

sonic-amHere at Punk Online we receive a wide spectrum of releases from punk bands around the world. Some are rough, raw and ready whilst others are results of polished production and engineering. What is becoming increasingly clear is that technology is significantly lowering the bar to entry and recording, producing and releasing music is within reach of many. This was the first promise of punk in the 1970’s as the Sex Pistols, Damned and The Clash challenged the overly produced and wildly expensive “supergroup” recordings. Sonic A.M are a Punk band from Cheshire, U.K and they have released a 5 track EP that was recorded across northern bedrooms with an iPad and produced by the band themselves. It cost a total of £0!!!

You might think that the result would be a tinny, amateurish effort but you’d be wrong, very wrong. The soft introduction to the opening track Room to Breathe lures the listener into a calm space before the song builds into a full on attack reminiscent of Therapy! It’s a super track that betrays the low investment cost and the band are clearly making up for the lack of cash with a well rehearsed and well executed sound.

Dead End dispatches with the soft intro and just attacks from the off before a brief respite half way through and then a Wedding Present like ending with finger shredding guitar chords…I simply loved this song.

Third track is Others Ethics – just one minute and 26 seconds on bass driven power pop punk with an atonal guitar lick throughout. It is followed by Red Brick House (Swallowed Whole by Pride) a song that demonstrates the flexibility of the band. An urgent acoustic guitar and echo effect vocals have a slight Frank Turner feel. It’s a really well played song and shows the variety the band are capable of.

Fifth and last is Alexandria and it’s a belter. More heavy brass and driving drums are accentuated with some angular (think The Fall) type guitar. The track literally bounces along with an indie punk sound that had me wanting more.

‘What We Do When We Do Nothing’ is scheduled to be released on the 11th of August.

Stumpy – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. Room to Breathe
  2. Dead End
  3. Others Ethics
  4. Red Brick House (Swallowed Whole by Pride)
  5. Alexandria





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