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SOUNDS OF SWAMI – ‘Furniture For Modern Living’ Review

SOUNDS OF SWAMI – Furniture For Modern Living

Sounds of SwamiSounds of Swami are a post hardcore band operating out of West Yorkshire, UK. They have just released their second album Furniture For Modern Living through Drawing Board Records/Bomber Music Publishing.

The album opens with some powerful plaintive vocals supported by an eerie guitar on Lull. The song maintains that discipline for almost two and a half minutes before the drums and power chords kick in to support the lead singer who takes things to the next level. It is a massively powerful effort that foreshadows the rest of this strong release.

On Guillotine an epic guitar lick gives way to a more melodic vocal and stuttering rhythms that manage to keep the listener off balance but constantly intrigued.

The third track, Kill My Already is must harder, more aggressive and reminded me somewhat of early Fugazi with the interplay of instruments and vocals – needless to say, I loved this track! Sounds of Swami channel Rage Against The Machine on Rome Won’t Wait with prominent bass guitar, funky rhythms and explosive choruses.

Twisting My Arm is a real punch to the gut mixing and melding heavy sections with more restrained refrains and is followed the somewhat funkier and atonal Palava with eclectic rhythms from all instruments leading to a massive chorus…phew!

Things cool down a little on Bigger Pictures as softly strummed and somewhat intricate guitars usher in an instrumental that eventually descends in feedback hell. The next track Take, Take, Take is brilliantly strange with a Nag, Nag, Nag style chorus emanating from whispered verses – heavy and mellow collide and it works!

The second to last track, New Wounds is a powerful onslaught full of twists and turns and leads to the conclusion, Tough Love. The six-minute plus effort opens with some mellow and melodic guitar and vocals with a slow drum beat. The song evolves into warm and softer stretches before reaching a cacophony of a conclusion. This is clever and compelling stuff !

The album has been released on 180g 12″ clear turquoise vinyl and you check out Furniture For Modern Living by Sounds of Swami here: www.soudsofswami.bandcamp.com