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SOUVENIR ATOMICO – Self Titled Album Review

SOUVENIR ATOMICO – Souvenir Atomico

souvenir-atomicoSouvenir Atomico are a new band from Mexico who have just released their self-titled debut album. Opening with some clips from a Spanish language movie, Colt 45 launches into a punk version of an Ennio Morricone style western movie soundtrack. Replete with some neat saxophone, it’s a great start to an album that delights throughout.

Sin Perdon channels Serious Drinking and The Selector before settling into some solid punk rock three chord power. The songs are all delivered in Spanish adding to the uniqueness and local flavor. The band intersperse some two-tone stomp with some reggae and that enticing saxophone!

All of the eight songs on the album are three minutes or more and La Sangre Llama drives a reggae beat with the addition or an organ reminding me a little of Sonic Boom Six. Each song has a different approach and sound and Esclavo del Sistema pushes further into that two-tone sound mentioned earlier fully delivered with some great brass accompaniment!

Despierta continues with the reggae/ska beat but is a little more in your face vocally and the guitars just a little heavier as the song builds and builds – it’s a standout with variety and power. As a bang of a gong and some film snippets open up Ninja Surf, Souvenir Atomico lay down an instrumental surf punk classic replete with bass, sax and guitar licks all working together with some wicked drumming to get those feet moving.

Next up is Panzon where the band reach into some form of garage punk rock from the late 60’s. The ever present saxophone and ska beat propel the song forward with a few breathers before you’re compelled to bounce along.

The album ends with La Sangre Llama (Radiobot Jungle Remix) where the band add a dub layer to the earlier track to produce over four minutes of blissful noise with a chilled out vibe (as the kids say!)

Mexico is a hotbed of punk rock with passionate fans and this album from Souvenir Atomico does the country and the genre proud. You can get a hold of the album here: https://souveniratomico.bandcamp.com/