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SPEAR OF DESTINY – ‘Tontine’ Album Review


Spear of DestinyReleased via the excellent Pledge Music crowd funding site, Spear of Destiny return with Tontine. Recently, Kirk Brandon has been tour with Cellist Sam Sansbury and his trusty guitar and, having seen him in Oakland late last year, his voice is as strong as ever.

The opening track, Brighton has an ominous vibe with restrained versus full of references to Brandon’s adopted home-town and huge choruses led by those lung-busting vocals – instantly recognizable yet as fresh as a daisy!

MK Ultra is much more rowdy with group chanted vocals, raunchy guitars and lyrics about screwing up. On Medievalists the pace is maintained with a strong melody and hooks supporting a truly marvelous vocal performance from Kirk sounding like he’s full of spit and vinegar and on prime form! It’s a magical song with a catchy melody and a soaring guitar solo layered on top of a mid-paced beat and I loved it!

The slow march military drumbeat on Second Life is joined by dueling guitars and a plaintive vocal that combine to craft a power ballad full of longing and emotion. Brandon’s acoustic guitar introduction to the breathtaking No Other sets up a stunning vocal replete with solo trumpet. WOW!

The band continues to show restraint on Afrikan Proverb with a slow guitar build up before the drums kick in with a mid-paced rhythm. The vocals are signature Brandon as he goes through the octaves and the serrated guitars build on top of keyboards and booming bass. The album sounds more Theatre of Hate than Spear of Destiny and Enigma is quintessential Kirk Brandon with a spoken/sung story with minimal musical backing with a faintly tribal feel.

The penultimate track, Monuments In The Sand clocks in at four minutes and eighteen seconds with a softly strummed guitar joining a ticking rhythm and slowly building over a pulsating bass.  The bass is constant throughout whilst Kirk croons over the rhythm.

The closer is the almost six minute Mr. Livingstone I Presume and the acoustic guitar supports a story that crashes into a mid-paced power ballad Spear of Destiny style. The album won’t disappoint long time fans and will attract new followers too. It’s a super listen!

Kirk is on tour and you can find dates with the Tontine album for purchase here:-




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