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SPILL YOUR GUTS – ‘Hungry Crows’ Album Review

SPILL YOUR GUTS – Hungry Crows

Spill Your GutsSpill Your Guts self-describe as “a hardcore punk/black’n’roll band” and hail from Shanghai, China. They have just self-released their debut album on September 12.  The band have been plying their trade since 2012 and have a couple of EPs under their belts.

The nine tracks album Hungry Crows begins with Riotica where a melodious guitar lick is joined by screamed vocals and some serious hardcore punk work by Spill Your Guts. It is an impressive opening that had me sitting on the edge of my seat with the follow up, Praise The Fire taking on some grungy blues lick but those “from the pit of the gut” screamed vocals add a true hard edge to the song. The tracks are generally quite lengthy and that allows for changes in tempo, builds and changes in direction. The excellent Get Impaled is a true head-banging punk rocker with some seriously heavy riffs and excellent lyrics and a soaring lead guitar solo with some great bass guitar work as well!

Deep In Da Hoodz pummels you into submission with sheer aggression and power and is followed by the title track, Hungry Crows. This one reminded me of Rudimentary Peni or California’s Raucous before breaking out into a skate-punk approach. Passing half-way is the sub two-minute Altitude with booming bass and tight guitar work propelled by some terrific drumming and the whole package is a mosh-pit ready barnstormer! On Party Town the Black Sabbath-esque riff supports lyrics aimed at describing a great night out with a hardcore edge!

The penultimate track, No Visas For The Wicked is a rollicking hardcore/crust punk track with a spiraling chorus that I loved…this is one seriously powerful song. The album ends with Satan 3 (Some) where Spill Your Guts lay down some melody, power chords, changes in pace and some interesting lyrics! This is a relentless hardcore extravaganza of an album.

Get Hungry Crows by Spill Your Guts here: https://spillyourguts.bandcamp.com/