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SPOKE TOO SOON – ‘Standing On The Edge’ EP Review

SPOKE TOO SOON – Standing On The Edge

Spoke Too SoonSpoke Too Soon have just completed a tour with Northern Nightlights whose EP we just reviewed (see here). Hailing from Inverness in Scotland, the band’s EP was released on August 31st.

The four-tracker opens with Yesterday (Would You Mind) with tight, powerful sections supporting a hugely melodic vocal combining some math-punk sensibilities with approachable pop-punk hooks.

On What You Really Want, a hugely powerful introduction abruptly halts, and a ska segment emerges to build into combining with a runaway riff full of energy and headbanging aggression and then back to the ska…it’s a compelling mixture and betrays some strong songwriting skills excellently executed! Third up is Carnivals where a monster lick/riff makes you sit up straight and notice and the song develops into a resounding rocker that we loved!

The EP closes with Life Is where Spoke Too Soon show us their musicianship, math-punk precision in a package that has elements of the early Jam as well as Husker Du.

This is a strong release that will be played on repeat here at punkonline.co.uk towers – you can get Standing On The Edge  by Spoke Too Soon here: https://spoketoosoon.bandcamp.com/