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static-fictionFrom the opening power chords and explosive drumming of ‘Main Street’, it’s clear that Static Fiction are a band who have a great deal of talent. The track is a pop-punk classic in the spirit of My Chemical Romance or fellow Californians, AFI. It’s a great energetic opener to the E.P.

The 6 track E.P. does not contain a weak song. ‘Keep it Moving’ continues the EMO momentum with melodic vocals laid over some super tight guitar, bass and drums. The production throughout is crisp and high quality. The recruiting of Ryan Greene, legendary punk producer has reaped dividends for the band.

‘Temporary’ is a song that gives the band a chance to showcase a slower tempo with a build up to a chorus lamenting the fleeting nature of a relationship. Many of the songs are love stories of one description or another and I was reminded a little of Weezer who the band claim as one of many influences.

Track four, ‘Something Amazing’, opens with a ukulele before launching into another powerful guitar driven pop-punk song complete with some Beach Boys harmonies. The teenage love song theme is captured perfectly with the “This could be my last first kiss” lyric.

‘AMRA’ is the penultimate song on the EP and returns to the opening track theme with a fast paced opening and references to Mrs. Robinson of Simon & Garfunkel fame! AMRA standing for ‘Another Mrs Robinson Affair’, the band are sounding strong like another Southern California pop-punk band – Blink 182. In fact, if you are a fan of Blink, Weezer or Green Day then Static Fiction will be a welcome addition to your library.

The final song, ‘Till the End’, completely changes things with an acoustic guitar and vocals focused on a missed loved one. It’s a short song and provides a nice surprise. Static Fiction have made a great move recruiting strong production and the result is a very satisfying power punk effort….check them out here

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Track Listing

  1. Main Street
  2. Keep it Moving
  3. Temporary
  4. Something Amazing
  5. AMRA
  6. Till the End



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