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STERILE JETS – ‘No Gods, No Loss’ Album Review

STERILE JETS – No Gods, No Loss

sterile-jetsThe Sterile Jets hail from Long Beach in Southern California and the make music that doesn’t conform to a single style or genre. Their new album is the excellently titled No Gods, No Loss and opens with The Arsonist, where the band display some jazz, some punk, some eclectic lyrics and vocal delivery in the vein of Art Brut or even Stump for you old timers!

The band claim influences as diverse as Rudimentary Peni, McLusky, Ponys, Husker Du and Dead C. Rehabilitated Truth opens and closes with screeching feedback from the lead guitar and is propelled along by the drums as the vocals add a unique, almost art-punk vibe to the song that develops into a math-punk extravaganza. The ten-track album feels tight and connected as the band play well throughout from the groovy fuzz guitar of Go Out And Bleed with its bass guitar prominent to the faster Piss On Your God where the band channel The Fall with a Mark E. Smith style vocal, the Sterile Jets are full of surprises and variety!

The 21 seconds of Soliloquy Of A Heartbroken Loner feature a spoken word over feedback and it is followed by the six-minute plus Fireside Drive where the band show us a melodic side with an extended guitar lick and the vocals add to the slightly stoned vibe before the band rocks it hard with a great reverb infused riff! On White Satan, the ambient guitar intro is joined by a slow drumbeat before slowly strummed chords flatter to deceive as it gets heavier and heavier…the interplay between melodic and atonal is clever and the vocals add to the angst throughout the song.

The 8th track, A Sterile Existence begins with a nod to early Black Sabbath as the band flirt with a sludgy sound and it leads to the penultimate song, Free Pork Bougie, a song that has (as the name suggests) a psychobilly sound mixed with some sludge. Closing with the stop/start Olive Spoll, the band explore some more of The Fall type sound in terms of vocals whilst the music is more stoner rock in feel.

The Sterile Jets are different, arty, clever and you can check out No Gods, No Loss here: https://sterilejets.bandcamp.com/