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Steve IgnorantSteve Ignorant and Paranoid Visions – 24.05.18: Cornerstone, Berkeley, CA

Just a few years back, Steve Ignorant toured the world to show us all what an impact Crass songs and philosophy had on our lives. One of the stops was Slims in San Francisco and there was a large crowd inside and outside the venue. Many on the outside were protesting the commercialization of “anarchy” and loudly shouted that Ignorant was disrespecting the Crass ethos…rumour has it that as soon as the gig started, all those protesting found their way into the venue to witness an absolutely blistering set.

Fast forward a few years and Steve links up with long time partners, Paranoid Visions from Dublin, Ireland and they produce the set of the Rebellion festival celebrating the 40th anniversary of punk by belting out anarcho-punk classics from bands such as Crass, Conflict and Flux of Pink Indians. This set, captured superbly on the 1977220174U live album –

Last night, the combination of Ignorant and Dublin punksters arrived at the Cornerstone venue in Berkeley. I arrived in time to catch the end of the set by local heroes, Kicker, fronted by Pete The Roadie. As they belted out their songs, I noticed Steve Ignornant by the merchandise table (along with a few members of Paranoid Visions) and went over to say hello. He was gracious with everybody who wanted a few minutes of his time and as I bought a T-shirt, I realized that the seller was Steve’s long-time partner, Jona. She was just as accommodating as Steve full of smiles and chatter. The atmosphere in the venue was one of knowing anarchists, punks, young and old who were ready to scream every word to every song! Kicker concluded with the fun Innit song and set the stage for the headliners.

Steve IgnorantSteve and the band entered the stage to an elongated countdown backing track that raised the stakes and anticipation before exploding into a majestic version of Do They Owe Us A Living? The songs came thick and fast with Banned From The Roxy a particular highlight. About half-way through, Steve seemed to be struggling with the sound mix or the jet lag or both and was visibly pissed off, rendering one more version of Roxy before leaving the stage. This left Paranoid Visions to deliver one of the highlights of the evening, their superb No Parasan (Are You Getting The Picture?)

Steve returned for a completely manic version of Conflict’s Berkshire Cunt and a great So What? That started slowly and built up to the song that is well recognized and was sung with gusto by the crowd. The set ended with two all-time anarcho-punk classics, Big a Little a and Tube Disasters with the bass guitar line belted out on a guitar borrowed from Kicker after an earlier broken string!

Steve returned to thank the crowd and the band, apologizing for being in a bit of a bad mood and criticizing the “welcome” they received at the airport from the customs officers! One more version of Do They Owe Us A Living? And the crowd left happy – next stop is LA and then Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas. In a couple of days the jet lag and the cobwebs will be well and truly blown away and you are all in for a treat – don’t miss this one!!


n/b Don’t forget Steve wrote the foreword to our first book, ‘anarcho punk albums’, available here>>


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