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STITCHED UP – ‘2018 Demo’ EP Review

STITCHED UP – 2018 Demo

Stitched UpWe are a bit partial to Welsh punk here at punkonline.co.uk and Cardiff Hardcore band Stitched Up have just released their demo EP recorded live in Music Box in their home town.

The first song, Against You opens with some group vocals calling for unity to fight back and the guitars kick in providing a Discharge vibe from the early 1980s with an Oi overlay!

Next up is Decimation For Greed where the band channel some of the early off-piste Subhumans with Fugazi and Black Sabbath mixed in to produce an angry, fuzz infested punk rocker ranting against the greed for profit that is slowly contributing to a poisoning of the planet.

On Hate, Stitched Up pound the drums, roll the bass and crank up the feedback to launch into a vehemently angry and powerful track reminiscent of fellow Cardiff legends, Icons of Filth. The four track EP closes with Negative, the longest song on the recording at over three minutes in length and the band use the space to offer an extended introduction that simply ignites into a complex mixture of superb hardcore punk and mellow, post-punk respites and an excellent wrap up.


Stitched Up are the real deal – check them out here: https://stitchedup1.bandcamp.com/album/2018-demo