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STÖJ SNAK – ‘ScreamerSongwriter’ Review

StojSnakThe album from Denmark’s folk punk artist Stoj Snak was released on June 9th. Aptly, ScreamerSongwriter opens with an instrumental Prelude before launching into Fuck! a super song that Frank Turner would be proud of at his best – reminding me of Chumbawamba as the chorus screams our “fuck who you want to fuck” is a great answer to “you can’t love who you want to love in times like these”

Next up is Laughter Brings People Together but No One wants to Fuck the Funny Guy; a fast paced skiffle beat and passionate vocals have you feeling the singers pain. Parental Disclaimer is a slower approach starting with some mournful harmonica and Snaks vocals before speeding up the acoustic guitar – I have said it before but his voice really does remind me of Frank Turner and his lyrics are very personal. Spoiler Alert bounces along challenging people to free themselves from accumulating things centered around the phrase “If we’ve never been so rich, the question is why are we feeling so poor” – there’s even a kazoo solo for good measure!

Half way through the album is the title track clocking in a 4 minutes and 7 seconds and there is a different feel to this track – channeling the brilliant Phil Ochs, the song is a true highlight – fast acoustic guitar and a sing-along chorus and the introduction of some keyboard, ScreamerSongwriter is a folk-punk classic and Stoj belts it out!

Throughout the album there are pleasant surprises, changes of pace, the introduction of a harmonica, kazoo, keyboard all of which add to the experience. Lullaby strips down the sound to a guitar, piano and a more laid back vocal approach – it’s a strong song. Privacy is a Crime allows Stoj to exhibit some nifty guitar work and then Old Friends and Irish Coffee brings back the washboard and a celebration of meeting old friends.


For me, the best song is the five and half minute White Male Middle-Class Blues, a super song about the singer battling through the day-to-day injustices in the world. Ending with the melancholy and quite beautiful Ronkedor, Stoj Snak has produced a great debut album – ScreamerSongwriter has already sold out in some formats – get it here and spice up your collection with some fresh folk-punk.


Stumpy – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. Prelude
  2. Fuck!
  3. Laughter Brings People Together but No One Wants to Fuck the Funny Guy
  4. Parental Disclaimer
  5. Spoiler Alert
  6. ScreamerSongwriter
  7. Lullaby
  8. Privacy is a Crime
  9. Old Friends and Irish Coffee
  10. Hu-Men
  11. White Male Middle Class Blues
  12. Ronkedor



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