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SUBHUMANS: Live in Leeds


A bitterly cold Wednesday evening and news upon arrival that the Subhumans had been moved to the ‘small stage’, I began to wonder just what I was doing at the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds.

Fear not, three hours later with my ears bleeding and soaked in sweat, I have just enjoyed one of the best gigs of recent years.

As lead singer Dick Lucas explained as he took to the stage, the gig had been moved to the smaller stage because of the agent of another band due to play the same venue that evening – “All together now, Agent’s, Wankers!” exclaimed Dick before launching into a break neck set of familiar songs that have easily stood the test of time.

subhumansThe thing that amazed me was the age difference across the sell-out crowd. From teenagers to old bastards like me and the kids were not just a bunch of students along for some cheap midweek beer but they knew the songs, they screamed the lyrics just as loud as us old ‘uns. So fulfilling to see bands like this still getting the message across and as Dick said before ‘Minority’ – “Maybe we’re not the minority anymore, maybe punks or mods or whatever diverse music you follow, are now in the majority with our way of thinking?” – You’d love it to be true, well I bloody well would anyway.

‘Zyklon B-Movie’, ‘Mickey Mouse is Dead’, ‘Too Fat Too Thin’ plus numerous others had the compact audience stirred up to a frenzy. From where I was it looked like everybody was going just as mental as Dick whilst the rest of the band belted out song after song with minimal breathing space in between.

Just over an hour shot by before the Subhumans returned with ‘Work-Rest-Play-Die’, ‘Parasite’ and the ever popular ‘Religious Wars’. What a set, what a gig. As I said, just as relevant today as they were thirty years ago, long may it bloody continue.


burning-flagSpecial mention to support band Burning Flag, a four piece from Halifax. The female lead singer screaming until she almost lost her voice (thank goodness for Guinness to keep her going) and an extremely tight set played out by the group. They reminded me of DIRT with strong backing vocals from two of the male members. I want to hear a lot more from these guys.

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When the people of the country have forgotten how to disagree
And the national economy is said to be OK
The wages that you get, will help you to forget
Will you keep your ideologies or throw them all away?




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