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SUBLEVEL – ‘Borders’ EP Review

SUBLEVEL – Borders

sublevelGermany’s modern death metal merchants Sublevel have recently released their debut EP Borders which combines every element of metal that each member likes. Thus, a creative piece of music came to life that doesn’t quite fit into a certain genre. For convenience or an easier description, they call their music modern (Death) Metal.

The eight-track effort opens with Revery, where some softly strummed guitars underpin a spoken word vocal with some choral backing – it was not what I was expecting but it is a set up for the heavier than hell, Disposition where the Death metal vocals dominate the technical and heavy musical backing. The machine gun drums drive the licks, riffs and vocals forward – it is an intense, heavy and powerful track with some melodic vocals closing out.

Next up is the longest track on the EP, Empire (clocking in at over four minutes) and the guitar intro morphs with a marching drum beat and some of the most throat defying vocals ever laid down! The length of the track allows the band to explore different soundscapes, tempos but the overall package sure is one great chunk of noise!

On Syncope Sublevel give the listener another break with a softer guitar, albeit there is a menace in a second guitar that leads to the incredible intro to I.M.Perfection where drums, guitar riff and those ‘from the bottom of the gut’ vocals combine to deliver a grindcore/hardcore package up there with the best of them.

Divided allows the bass to open and then launches again into some manic drumming, spiraling licks and a vocal dredged from the bottom of hell. The track builds into a pacey effort before slowing down again. It is followed by the title track, Borders, where a melodic guitar is joined by those signature vocals as Sublevel showcase some serious hardcore/death metal chops for almost five minutes.

The EP closes with the “Outro” – Apathy – just over a minute of keyboards played gently with some strings to settle the nerves! Great stuff!

Borders by Sublevel is available on every platform and you can check it out on Bandcamp from here: https://sublevelband.bandcamp.com/