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SUBTASTICS– ‘BetaMales’ EP Review


SubtasticsMaryland’s Subtastics recently released their six-track EP on Snubbed Records. The opening track, 8-Bitter, with its 1970’s punk chords played at maximum volume helps create a monster song. It reminded me a little of the UK Subs, Chelsea and Infa-Riot with group vocals contributing to the atmosphere.

The raw and powerful NDAbl matches with melody as the gritty guitars and bombastic bass guitar lay the foundation and the vocals layer on the melodic layers. You can buy the release as a limited edition, hand-numbered cassette with bonus track from Snubbed Records here – www.snubbedrecords.com/new-products/subtastics-betamales.

The third song, Burger King continues with the aggressive raw approach with a muscle bound riff and rousing chorus. It is a great punk rock track that is full of energy and is accessible at the same time. The entire crew at Punk Online were moshing, head banging and “air-guitaring” to this one!

Nest up is Drown with a Slade like guitar and pounding drums supporting a mid-paced rocker with the bass guitar prominent throughout. There is not a filler on the entire EP and the raw energy is infectious with the production superb. The penultimate song, But For You, explodes into view after a brief guitar lick and has a rabble rousing feel reminding me of Stiff Little Fingers meeting Chelsea on a dark night!

The EP closes with Alright Tonight where a plaintive and strong vocal sets the stage for yet another blast of punk rock power. It is a rocking and rollicking conclusion to an excellent punk release.

BetaMales EP by Subtastics is also available via Bandcamp here >> https://subtastics.bandcamp.com/album/betamales-2