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SUNSET SUNDAY – ‘Not Just a Phase’ Album Review

SUNSET SUNDAY – Not Just a Phase

sunset-sundayFormed in the West Country of England in 2014, Sunset Sunday are set to release their debut album early in 2016. Opening with the appropriately named Hello, the band are confident enough to introduce us with just over half a minute of feedback. It does the trick as I prick up my ears awaiting the next track, Summer, where the band surprise with a melodic punk rock effort that owes something to NOFX and maybe even Rise Against. There a power and a melody with Sunset Sunday and the two work well together.

The third song, M.D., significantly ups the pace as it speeds along with some excellent guitar overlay. The vocals channel the emo style of My Chemical Romance and the aforementioned NOFX. The Escape Song has a Newtown Neurotics vibe as the lyrics focus on life in a boring town and I loved the freshness of the sound, the lyrics and the overall package…good stuff!

The Ballad of the Apple with a Genital defies description as it’s just four seconds long (made me smile though!) Figure it Out is a more straightforward energetic emo tinged punk rock song whilst Make The World Hate Again is a stand out slab of power that I really liked – for me, it is one of the strongest songs on the entire twelve track package.

The band do have a sense of humour and are not afraid to let it loose as they do on the forty seconds of Freddie’s Room but they are not afraid to mix things up as they explore some power ballad approaches with The Leaders,  a track that pounds along with some nifty guitar solo work.

The album will be released in February 2017 and it’s worth following the band now to make sure you can get a hold of this one early. Gary & The Rat again owes some debt musically and vocally to NOFX. There are two bonus tracks on the stream of the album that we received with first, Indecent Exposure being a real gem. A melodic guitar intro leads to a plaintive vocal “right here, right now, is where I don’t want to be” – it’s a bonus indeed. Last up is Insomnia where a Killing Joke intro riff launches into a darker song than the others on the album. At almost five minutes in length, the song has time to build and explore and eventually launches into a 99mph section before slowing down a notch – Sunset Sunday are a breath of fresh air – more west coast USA than West England but, unique and fun.


Check them out here : https://www.facebook.com/sunsetsundayofficial/