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SUPER FAST GIRLIE SHOW – ‘Don’t Go Down Gentle’ Review

super_fast_girlie_showSuper Fast Girlie Show’s debut album, ‘Don’t Go Down Gentle’, is heavy, melodic and instantly enjoyable.

The Liverpool three piece do away with guitars but hammer in thick bass lines, with pulsing beats and great choruses all packed in to tight two-minute tracks.

Soaring through twelve songs in under twenty-five minutes, ‘Don’t Go Down Gentle’ opens in huge fashion, with the fist-pumping rhythm of ‘1980s’, followed by the very fun and eminently danceable ‘Mind Control’.

The clarity and quality of production comes through strongly throughout SFGS’s debut, particularly where the drums crash around the clear vocals of tracks like ‘Freaks’.

The brilliant start to the album soon moves into a louder, noisier section, with ‘Leave It’ ramping up the pace, while the potent ‘I Don’t Care’ hauls in the reverb as the band rages against low-wage employment and being on the dole.

The circle-pit beat of ‘Oh Well’ is another killer track, while ‘Roller Derby (Stole My Baby)’ brings in some real variance in sound, with heavier use of keyboards and electronics.

‘Doley Boy’ has another big chorus that could fill a room, and if the band are anywhere near as tight live as they are on record then gig-goers are in for one hell of a show.

The album closer ‘Pub Fight’ is a noisy finish but feels laboured; it’s a shame that such a great debut kind of fizzles out but there is enough here to get fists pumping, ribcages rattling and feet dancing.

Super Fast Girlie Show’s debut album ‘Don’t Go Down Gentle’ is out now on Antipop Records. The band consist of Pasha Coxhill (Bass/Vocals), Phil Hartley (Bass/Vocals) and Allan ‘Gonzo’ Jones (Drums/Vocals).

You can get hold of the album here – https://antipoprecords.greedbag.com/buy/dont-go-down-gentle/

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Track Listing

  1. 1980’s
  2. Mind Control
  3. Freaks
  4. Stand Up
  5. Leave It
  6. I Don’t Care
  7. Oh Well
  8. Stones
  9. Roller Derby (Stole My Baby)
  10. Seen Enough
  11. Doley Boy
  12. Pub Fight