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SURHOFF – ‘Separate Places’ EP Review 

SURHOFF – Separate Places 

SurhoffFrom Baltimore, Maryland, Surhoff have just released their seven song EP/Mini-LP, Separate Places. The band open with Cul De Sac and I enjoyed it immensely – a little Dinosaur Jr., a little Husker Du and a little indie rock, it has some raw power, melody and laconic vocals that just work!

The momentum continues with Tape String as the 1990’s slacker punk vibe is still on display with some hooks and melody, vocals a little back in the mix and some excellent guitars. Laugh Lines brings a slightly different sound, a bit more aggressive and dark but still dripping with laid-back melody and strong licks, chords as well as a thunderous bass guitar…by now, these folks have me hooked!

On Old Sweatshirt, Surhoff slow things down a little with plaintive vocals and ‘in your face guitars’ and they follow up with another slower, ballad style ‘shoegazer’ in Leap Year.

The penultimate track, Mid Atlantic, ups the tempo significantly with a foot tapping, head banging rhythm and Lemonheads vibe with slightly off kilter vocals! The closing track, Loch Raven Village opens with a dirty bass guitar lick that is soon joined by some serrated guitar work and urgent vocals.

If you’re a fan of 1990s grunge/hardcore/Dinosaur Jr. then this is a must have…good stuff indeed!!!

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