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SVORDOM – ‘För dom som är ensamma’ Album Review

SVORDOM – For Dom Som Ar Ensamma (For Those Who Are Lonely)

svordomSvordom are a hardcore punk band from Turku, Finland who sing in Swedish (I think I have that right!). The band formed in 2014 and since been active in studios with three releases and they have notched up twenty live gigs to date.

Their latest release (launched on Feb 17) is a seven track EP that showcases the bands crustpunk credentials and anti-fascist approach. (we are a bit partial to anti-fascist bands and Scandinavian bands here at Punk Online!)

The first track, Vracker Mig Sjaly opens with a melodic guitar and then drives into full on, fast paced punk rock with signature growled, guttural vocals dredged up from the pit of the lead singers stomach. The seven tracks are short and full of power and Snabb Dod takes things up a notch with faster tempo and dissonant guitar underpinning those aforementioned vocals.

En Dag I Homs brings forward some Discharge style base and D-Beat drums to a stand-out crustpunk romp with some breaks and re-launch momentum providing the momentum. Loved this track!

The fourth song, Ovan uses the tactic of a melodic guitar intro lulling the listener into a sense of clam before launching into one of the fastest tracks I’ve heard in a while, phew! Snutjavel showcases some terrific D-Beat drumming and vocal interchange as well as some great guitar work.

The penultimate blast is Blodet Kokar where the band just lay it all out there in a full frontal noise attack. Svordom then delighted me by ending this EP with a cover of Woody Guthrie’s All You Fascists Are Bound To Lose with an acoustic guitar introduction and then the true crust punk view of the folk song that had me smiling and enjoying the trip…great stuff!

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