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Sweden’s Political Activist REIN Releases ‘Bruises’ Video

Sweden’s Political Activist REIN Releases ‘Bruises’ Video




Despite being from Sweden, it feels apt that REIN should drop her new FREEDOOM EP today (via Playground Music) , brimming as it is with an unapologetic hard-hitting political agenda covering exclusion, feminism, anti-capitalism and anti-racism. As REIN explains: “I just had enough after the US elections, the rise of the right-wing movement in Europe, the Syrian War and Brexit. Why not be open to new solutions? Why not abolish the entire system instead of going backwards? I think that it is important to at least start the debate.

REIN (aka Joanna Reinikainen) mixes raw and merciless electronica and moments of industrial techno with slithers of pop-sensibility. Her sound is a visceral one, channelling the unbridled energy and political message of punk and the Riot Grrrl scene but wrapped into massive club tunes.

New FREEDOOM EP follows her eponymous debut EP (2016, Playground Music) which saw REIN establish herself as Sweden’s Best Newcomer in less than 16 months. She has played Sweden’s biggest music festivals (including Emmaboda, Storsjöyran, Musikens Makt, Umeå Open) and embarked on a massive club circuit tour, with live appearances also on Sweden’s coolest national radio shows; with the singles I Don’t Get Anything But Shit From You and Missfit on heavy rotation on national radio. She was nominated as ‘Best Newcomer 2016’ by Swedish National Radio Music Awards (P3 Guld) and one of Sweden’s biggest music monthly magazines, Gaffa Awards. As well as ‘Dance Music Artist of the Year’, ‘Breakthrough of the Year’ and ‘Live Artist of The Year’.

FREEDOOM EP is produced by REIN, alongside Owl Vision. It is digitally released on Playground Music via iTunes