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Swedish Post-Punk Band ROTTEN MIND Debuts Video for ‘Trouble Child’

Swedish Post-Punk Band ROTTEN MIND Debuts Video for ‘Trouble Child’

Rotten MindSwedish post-punk band Rotten Mind will release their 3rd album, Fading Into Oblivion, on September 7th with Lövely Records. Today, the band has premiered debut video for their new single ‘Trouble Mind’.

“Mikael Lindqvist, who also did the front cover of the album, and I did this video in just a couple of days. When we did the video we tried to capture the story behind the lyrics at first, to get a glimpse of the life in Uppsala. But when we had been filming for a while we decided to just film whatever we came across and see what we get. We got shots of friends at a punk show, friends who put up posters for concerts in the city and stuff like that. It basically is a night in Uppsala. So, in the end, I think it fits perfect with the song. Mikael really has special eyes when it comes to capture moments in photos and videos in his own way. ” – Jacob Arvidsson, Rotten Mind

Rotten Mind’s third album Fading Into Oblivion features 10 tracks of eccentric punk expressions that clash with a cold and nihilistic atmosphere that result in a soulful and personal album. Songs such as “Years of Decay” and the title track “Fading Into Oblivion” have a gothic vibe, finding balance in hope and gloom. The album also contains their classic sound on songs like “Restless Souls,” “Aspiration” and “Trouble Child” that get stuck in your head.

Recorded by Mattias Kennhed at the Communichaos Media Clay Station, Fading Into Oblivion gives listeners everything they’d expect from Rotten Mind, and so much more. It’s an explosion of sounds, a blending influences of post-punk and garage rock, that calls to mind classic bands like The Vibrators, The Adverts, Christian Death and T.S.O.L. and contemporary acts such as Crusades, Iceage, Radioactivty, Metz or High Tension Wires.

Since their start in 2015, Rotten Mind has toured Europe numerous times, and have since turned into one of Sweden’s the best live acts, whose memorable sound captivates and sticks with listeners well beyond the end of their shows.