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Swedish Punks DEAD POLLYS Share New Video ‘Strummerland’

Swedish Punks DEAD POLLYS Share New Video ‘Strummerland’

Dead PollysDead Pollys is a Swedish punk rock act and this is the third iteration of the band. In 2015 they were on tour in the USA with Down By Law and this summer, 2019, they will make a small tour in Sweden together with The Vibrators. Dead Pollys will release the album, Strummerland 15 February on the Italian label Too Loud Records.

Dead Pollys is a four-piece punk rock act from Stockholm, Sweden. The band has a passion in old school punk rock, street punk, oi and celtic rock with influences from just about anything. With anything, we actually mean – everything!

This is the third line up and the evolution goes from rock, folk and messy, sometimes faster punk to a more old school rock’n’roll-street-folk-punk. Don’t bother to remember that, Dead Pollys will probably evolve again…

Nizze is sprung from the punk rock scene and bands like Sighstens Grannar and Mansic. Juba has a history in psychedelic rock. metal, punk (etc) and celtic punk in bands like Sir Reg. Mats got hooked by Ramones and the magic three chords but have played everything from metal to pop, for example On A Wednesday… and jazz(!).

Nizze started Dead Pollys as a rock band with influences in folk music. He met Ola “Skin-O” on a small summer party and asked him to play the drums. Ola was playing percussion with Henrik Franzén & Fria Progg at that time. It was a temporary arrangement that became permanent. Hans Müller was added to the line-up on guitar and later Stene on bass. The E.P Waiting For Tomorrow was released with the song So Cold. The songs has a video filmed by Pernilla Larding at Skogskyrkogården in Stockholm. It has over 40 000 views on YouTube. Stene stayed for just a short time and was replaced by Juba.

As Dead Pollys became more punk  rock with both Nizze and Juba in the band, Hans resigned and after some time Ola was replaced by Miche. The album Bullet For The Wicked was released and in 2015 they made a U.S tour with the legendary Down By Law. Miche left the band at the same time arthritis stopped Nizze from hammering the guitar. Mats and Martin joined the band on guitar and drums.  September 2018 marks a new era as Dead Pollys played in “Strummerland” (Camden, London) and signed for Too Loud Records.




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