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SWEET DEALS ON SURGERY – ‘The Snake and the Snoozer’ Review

SWEET DEALS ON SURGERY – ‘The Snake and the Snoozer’

sdosFor a three-piece band formed in Manchester, England in 2013, Sweet Deals on Surgery sure do make a sweet racket. The album (recorded in 2015 and released in August 2016) tells a story of a serial killer by the name of “Quarterly Bill” and his, ahem, adventures.

Like, Constantly opens up the album with a choppy rhythmic guitar and beat and grows into a manic track that has a very unique sound. The vocals reminded me a little of Art Brut in delivery whilst the music is post-punk in sound similar to UK Decay.

Quarterly Bill has a fast ska-like feel. I would describe the sound as “Math-punk” in that it is intricate, complex and introduces a variety of rhythms and melodies including a bass solo and some tight drumming with some interesting vocal delivery before the track ends with some raucous punk technique.

The title track, The Snake and the Snoozer, introduces a completely different approach – there is a slight hint of the off-kilter vocals although it feels more accessible. It reminded me of Airborne Toxic Event is song structure, lyrics and delivery. It’s a very good song indeed.

By now, it is clear that Sweet Deals on Surgery are not ‘just another punk band’ – they bring to mind Biffy Clyro at times but they are unique. I love the idea of a concept album as a debut release especially when it contains song titles such as Desk, From the Waist Down and Elvis Costello is a Wanker – the former is heavier and punkier whilst the latter is mixture of punk/funk and some Half Man Half Biscuit lyrics.

100% Hitler Free may just win the song title of the year award and it rocks along propelled by a choppy riff backed by solid bass and drums – it’s a strong song, one of the strongest on the album and is sure to get the feet tapping when performed live.

The band constantly surprise and each track maintains a theme in terms of sound and delivery but each sounds very different. The ten tracks are closed out by the penultimate Speed Date Yr Way to Fame – a fast paced punk track that I liked very much and then, Take My Hand, Punch Me in the Face. The final track simply rocks your socks off. It leaves you breathless and satisfied.

Great album, clever, intricate, funny and different – get it here:

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Track Listing

  1. Like, Constantly
  2. Quarterly Bill
  3. The Snake and the Snoozer
  4. Let’s Trade Places
  5. Desk from the Waist Down
  6. Elvis Costello is a Wanker
  7. 100 Percent Hitler Free
  8. Rohypnol’d at a Family Do
  9. Speed date Yr Way to Fame
  10. Take My Hand, Punch Me in the Face



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